This is the building in Australia that generates 100% of the energy it consumes

The architectural firm is named after Quinon Studio, in Melbourne, Australia, and she’s building a building that we can use very well as inspiration. The building was christened with the name West Melbourne workplace It is a self-sufficient building, that is, it generates all the energy it needs to function. It does this thanks to a facade completely covered with solar panels and an additional installation of the panels on the roof of the building. There are a total of 1,182 panels that instantly supply the building with energy, without having to travel any distance.


Panels manufactured by the German company Progressing, offering attractive designs that are a far cry from traditional solar panels, allowing Studio Kennon to give the building an inviting look. In addition to being inexpensive, they come in different colors (from dark gray to dark blue) and are already used in many buildings in Europe.

In an interview he gave to fast companyPeter Kennon, the architect behind the project, commented: “There is an urgent need to innovate our building technologies into more sustainable ways. Harvesting solar energy is a natural path in our large-scale projects, particularly in places with great access to sunlight. “.

The West Melbourne Workplace building joins others in the world with architectural proposals that go beyond design and contribute to the environment. Among them are The Edge in Amsterdam, Shanghai Tower in Shanghai, Bullitt Center in Seattle, and One Angel Square in Manchester.

According to the United Nations Environmental Program, up to 40% of the total energy on the planet is consumed in buildings, so it is necessary to consider proposals for self-sustainable buildings that contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

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