This is how WiFi 7 will be and how it will improve on existing technology

In addition to computers, mobile phones, televisions, consoles, monitoring systems, home appliances, voice aids … all this network of technological devices requires an increasingly powerful wireless network. The last generation of this is already underway, and it is none other than WiFi 7. Companies have started offering processors for this new technology, the implementation of which will start from next year. That’s all we know about him and How will the network improve.

WiFi 7, not only speed

Although WiFi 6 is only three years old, manufacturers are already working on the next step in wireless networks: WiFi 7, which will be Much faster From the current version it looks like it will reach the data transmission capacity of the cable (with free movement throughout the space covered by the WiFi).

As such, its technical name is IEEE 802.11bealthough the Wifi Alliance has popularized the label by its name followed by the number corresponding to the generation and band spectrum they use.

In these, what is known about her is that this new network will be so Up to three times faster Of the current ones, considering that they now operate at a maximum speed of close to 10 Gbps (Gigabits per second). But there is more. What do we have compared to the current WiFi 6?

It will replace Ethernet cables

Anyway, one paragraph; Why, if 6 is a recent addition, is WiFi 7 already being searched for? Sure, so anyone upgrading to the new WiFi would want: More speed, greater reliability and better range. In theory, the new generation will fulfill these three desires.

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it’s more; There are already companies that have started making chips that have already promised the new standard It will replace Ethernet cables. But you have to take it with caution because, as fast as it is, it works very differently than wired networks.

The main goal is Create a local wireless network With enough features to replace these wired networks. In fact, MediaTek executives say the launch of WiFi 7 “will mark the first time that the network can be a true alternative to cable/Ethernet.” high bandwidth applicationsAmong them are Metaverse, remote work, streaming games, cloud services or virtual and augmented reality, and some types of applications that have not yet worked properly on wireless networks.

What do we have with him

Something to note about its predecessor is that the 6 was not in line with previous standards. This means that any device we buy for our home either supports WiFi 6 or not. Also, it’s more Energy Efficiency than its predecessors and allows longer battery life in laptops and smartphones because it does not consume a large amount of energy when in use.

In this way, what is done is that this is a new specification for WiFi that it is designed for Optimizing certain restrictions We had 6. They are:

  • 6GHz bandwidth access. This is one of the most important changes regarding WiFi 6 that WiFi 7. Currently, the wireless frequency bands used are 2.4GHz and 5GHz. But the idea is that with the seventh version the band is 6GHz. Theoretically, this would quadruple the speed of connections, reaching 40 Gbps.
  • Compatibility. Another relevant detail that you should know about WiFi 7 is that it can be used by devices that are already backwards compatible.
  • Reduce latency. This optimizes the content stream in real time.
  • Bandwidth 320MHz. The latest launched standard, WiFi 6, has a bandwidth of 160MHz.
  • Multilink links. This gives it the ability to use all available bands and channels to dramatically improve your connection and reduce interference from objects and walls.
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Everything indicates that year 2023 We will already be able to enjoy this new protocol and its great speed, while in the same 2022 we can see some demonstrations of this technology in an experimental way, as confirmed by chip manufacturers such as MediaTek or Broadcom.

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