This is how the AI ​​works in Meta, which translates up to 200 languages ​​in real time

Explain artificial intelligence. (Photo: Antenna 3)

progress in Artificial intelligence They are non-stop and some of them have very impressive potential for future uses.

This is the situation NLLB-200, model Artificial Intelligence is developed by Goal Who is really capable? Translate 200 languages ​​in real time. The technology It is part of a project developed by the company Mark Zuckerberg It’s called No Languages ​​Left Behind, which was released just half a year ago.

One of the most interesting features of this AI is that Can be used for translations of African and Asian languages which are not usually available in tools of this type. And the best thing is that the process between the two languages ​​is straightforward; this means That English would not be an intermediate point.

According to the researchers, the latter is particularly difficult. In fact, The resources to train AI are scarce when it comes to very specific languages. Especially if you take into account that the information used many times comes from the web.

View NLLB-200.  (Photo: Target)
View NLLB-200. (Photo: Target)

To demonstrate the capabilities of the NLLB-200, Meta has released a demo that can be used to “play” with translations. includes sA series of books that can be translated in real time from their native languages into many other languages.

Thus, for example, there are stories written in Burmese, Khmer, Somali or Indonesian that can be translated in seconds into Spanish, Catalan, Basque, English, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Korean or Simplified Chinese, among others.

This Meta AI has three basic levels

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The platform has a metric for evaluating the quality of AI translations. It is displayed next to the results and consists of three levels:

-experimental: which can contain frequent errors.

– Average: It is correct in most cases but it is not without potential errors.

– advanced: has infrequent errors at the sentence level, which may be mostly stylistic-related.

“Communication between languages ​​is one of the great powers provided by AI. But as we continue to work with AI, we are improving everything we do, from displaying more engaging content on Facebook and Instagram to recommending more relevant ads and keeping our services safe for everyone.” Mark Zuckerberg highlights regarding this initiative.

Indonesian language story translated into Spanish in seconds.  (Photo: Target)
Indonesian language story translated into Spanish in seconds. (Photo: Target)

Anyone can try this AI

Meta’s idea was to take advantage of the No Language Left Behind to develop a file Global Translator. It’s a labor-intensive project, and it’s no surprise that Artificial intelligence is trained in The company’s new AI supercomputer. After all, according to Zuckerberg, a model capable of translating 200 languages ​​contains more than 50 billion parameters.

But in addition to the advantages of the NLLB-200, the remarkable novelty is that it has been decided to launch Developer access. Well, most of the components of this AI project from now open source. This means that anyone can try it and expand its development.

NLLB-200.  (Photo: Target)
NLLB-200. (Photo: Target)

“By opening our code, models, and evaluations, we hope to further encourage research in low-resource languages ​​leading to further improvements in translation quality through contributions from the research community,” Meta explained on github.

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On the other hand, the American company will provide grants worth $200,000 to researchers and non-profit organizations that apply artificial intelligence to real-world uses.

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