This is how Elon Musk destroyed Nicolas Cage’s dreams

It seems that not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. During a recent interview with Nicholas Cage on the popular American show Jimmy Kimmel Live!The actor revealed a surprising fact: Elon Musk destroyed his plans to build his own movie studio. This is how the broker picks up diverse.

During the broadcast of the program, Nicolas Cage commented that for some time he tried to build his own film studio in Las Vegas. In fact, he has already managed to raise $80 million to start developing it. Unfortunately for the actor, Elon Musk came to town.

At this point, instead of choosing to study Cage, The city decided to invest in TeslaDirected by Elon Musk. Of course, the actor’s plans went down the drain, and Tesla became one of the most important companies in Las Vegas. In fact, here the businessman and entrepreneur decided to build his own house tunnels Traffic counter.

Las Vegas has been really good for me. It is a small city and a big city at the same time. Perhaps one of the most unique sites. If you want to go to Strip and share, you can do so. If you want to go alone with the locals and go to popular restaurants, you can.

Nicolas Cage

In addition, Nicholas Cage revealed during this interview the reasons for his decision to go to Las Vegas. As he comments, It was for tax reasons. However, he maintains that over time he has “learned to love it”.

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Tesla and Elon Musk drained all the water from Las Vegas

Tesla Gigafactory 1 in Las Vegas

As Cage comments in the interview, Tesla is responsible for draining all the water in the city. Although the actor says it in a joking tone, his words make us rethink whether cities were capable of creating Tesla Gigafactories.

I tried to set up a movie studio there and then Elon Musk came along, and all the money I got for the movie studio — I got $80 million — they put into Tesla, which then drained all the water out of town. But I’m about to get it, I almost got a movie studio.

Nicolas Cage

In 2014, mid ChargeDevs It included Steve Hill, director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development in Las Vegas. Here, the man claimed it Water was one of the main parts of the conversation To build a Tesla Giga 1 plant.

“Tesla is very concerned about the environment in general,” Hill commented, adding that “They have worked hard to reduce the amount of water they needFrom the point of view of business practices and in line with the values ​​of the company.”

For multiple reasons, Las Vegas has become one of the hardest places in the United States to get to on the water. In fact, NASA decided to use its own space technology to start study Droughts that occur in California and surrounding areas of which Nevada is a part. These droughts include not only surface bodies of water, but also those in the ground.

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