This interesting Spanish movie on Netflix has been popular for years because it makes you think a lot

On Netflix, we really have an endless choice of things to see. We often choose to unwind in the evening after dinner with a nice romantic comedy or stay glued to the screen to catch up on a soap opera that dazzles us so much.

However, there are also movies on this platform that can make us think. We are not talking about documentaries or historical tragedies, but rather films that try to convey a human message. Just like this interesting Spanish movie that became popular all over Europe.

A masterpiece by Galder Gastelo-Urutia

Director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia is from the Spanish Basque Country and has long since filmed The Hole, El hoyo in Spanish. His work is a kind of dystopian narrative, one that exists for various reasons that no one ever wants to live with. As in great adulthood novels, the protagonist meets three other important characters to reveal the plot. The film is a real treatise on how to disorganize company Or anyway a group of people.

In particular, the plot takes place in a kind of prison where a social experiment is organized. The rooms are not arranged horizontally on the same floors but vertically and connected to a central opening. There are over 200 floors and food passes through that central opening twice a day. Stay on a platform for a few minutes per floor and then start going down to the top floor again. In each room there are two people, and once a month, the system rearranges the accommodation of prisoners on a different level of the “pit”.

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This interesting Spanish movie on Netflix has been popular for years because it makes you think a lot

Thus, those who live on the upper floors are fortunate enough to have proper food while those on the lower floors must be satisfied with what is left. Of course, the more plans, the less food, with all the ensuing repercussions of injustice. By itself, it is understood in the film that food will suffice for all the prisoners, but the greed of those at the top, who may have been at the bottom until last month, prevents the proper sharing of dishes.

The Hole is an allegory that attempts to represent the power or in any case the privileges of those who are “above” in the end inflicting damage to “those below”. Food is the engine of the franchise, which in the film represents not only happiness, but life itself.

The movie is about character building training, trying to evolve and finally finding a solution.


This Netflix movie is an amazing success because the story is beautiful next to Omar C

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