This gesture is the closest thing to magic to pass photos between our devices

Yes, AirDrop is perfect for passing photos to us Between devices, but there are easier ways. One of them is Use the generic clipboard for our devices. If we add to this the use of gestures, then transferring a photo from our iPad to our iPhone or vice versa is almost magical.

Global clipboard and two gestures

While this little hack has gone viral recently, it has been around for a few months now. Possibility to use global clipboardone of the two functions on which the image transfer trick depends, is present in our operating systems For a little over three years.

Another feature that supports this fast transfer is the attached copy and paste gestures iOS 15. gesture Tap with three fingers on the screen to copy Content and gesture expand three fingers to paste.

Without further delay, let’s talk about How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad Or vice versa with just a gesture. As we can see in the video above, all we have to do is open the image we want to copy, perform the three-finger tap gesture, move to the other device and perform the reverse gesture, unlock three fingers.

Thanks to the generic clipboard we mentioned, the image will be copied and pasted in a second. This resource is also used for scripts, which we can select from any app, for Safari URLs, for Documents from the Files app or for Videos.

The profession of the Apple devices ecosystem is more evident in the way of copying and pasting images. A resource that we can also use on a Mac as long as we use Command (⌘) + C and Command (⌘) + V for it. Really suitable resource for Moving information from where we have it to where we need it within a second.

picture | Milena Trifonova

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