Things You Can Do With Pages You Don’t Know

Pages is a word processor from Apple that is included in almost all of its products. It is very easy to use and has all the basic functions, but there are some utilities that this app has that you know for sure. In this post we tell you about some of them.

If you have a Mac or iPad and have to edit or type some text, sure I used the pages. Its interface is simple, which means you can use it without knowing much about the app. with pages You can do the same as with any other word processor: change the size, font and color of characters, add tables and images, split text into title, subtitle and text, among many other things. However, there are some things that you may not know that you can do with this app to get the most out of it and benefit from it for a more complete experience.

Get the most out of Pages with these features

Among the functions that you can do that are not very well known, we will tell you some of them so that you can start using them as soon as possible and you can have the best experience with Apple Test Wizard. Among them stand out:

  • Presenter Mode on iPad or iPhone: In a word processing document, you can use presenter mode to have the text passed automatically, like a teleprompter. The text is displayed in large font on a dark background (no images or other content) so it’s easy to read. Note that only the body text is displayed in Presenter mode. Text is not displayed in text boxes, shapes, captions, tables, headings, and other objects. To activate it, you must follow these steps:
    1. Tap at the top of the screen, then tap Presenter Mode.
    2. Do one of the following:
      • Scroll manually: swipe up
      • Scroll automatically: Click and turn on automatic scrolling. To adjust the scrolling speed, drag the scroll bar. Click the document to start scrolling, then click it again to pause.
    3. To change other display settings, such as background color, font size, and line spacing, select the two characters that appear.
    4. To return to the document, click OK.From Pages on mac
  • Co-working environment: Just like in Google Drive, you can share and edit documents at the same time with multiple people at the same time. To do this, you will have to invite them to the document. When you invite other people to collaborate on a document, you send them a link to Up to 100 people can view and edit a shared document at the same time. Check iCloud requirements and minimum system requirements for collaboration. You can also invite other people to collaborate on Pages documents by sharing a folder in iCloud Drive. When you share a folder, the documents in the shared folder automatically become collaborative documents for everyone with whom the folder is shared.
  • Finally, a function that can come in handy if you are looking for synonyms, and that is If you press F5 while typing something in Pages, you will get a list of similar words At that very moment. It’s a very good tool to avoid having to look up synonyms in the dictionary, since you have these synonyms right in the app itself.
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