They’re excited: two rentals in under three hours in Medellin

In less than three hours, two renters They were videotaped on Friday afternoon in Medellin. first event Near Carrera 65 Near the Madre Laura bridge, the second at the crossroads between Calle San Juan and Carrera 84, Near Church of La America.

Both events were captured by citizens’ videos, which were shared across social networks.

According to what was captured in the citizen’s photos, the first assault took place near the Madre Laura bridge and could have been perpetrated by two men who were riding a motorcycle.

After approaching another couple who were also traveling on a motorcycle, it can be seen how one of the alleged thieves quickly got into his car and immediately fled amid the sounds of horns and the calls of the victims for help.

In the second action, the video also depicted how two motorized men intimidated a motorist, stopping at an intersection of traffic lights, with a pistol.

After struggling for a long time with the victim and snatching something that cannot be clearly identified, the robbers fled the scene taking advantage of the traffic jam.

According to the records of the Security and Coexistence Information System (Sisc) of the General Secretariat for Security in Medellin, there has been at least so far this year 14,050 Persons Robbed (with cuts until July 29).

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