They reveal evidence of a Russian cell’s connection to the riots in the protests in Colombia

The authorities are still on the path of what could be a large network to destabilize public order and democracy in Colombia with the support of Russian citizens who even They would divert resources to the groups that were behind the turmoil and damage left by the recent protests in the country, And that is for 2019.

This was revealed by the investigative unit of the newspaper El Tiempo, which had access to the file of the investigation led by British and Colombian intelligence agents, the DEA and the CIA, which arose after it became known that a high-ranking officer of the armed forces was the Colombian army Frequent confrontations with the Russian people and a strange increase in their finances.

The officer was dismissed from his post after making sure of that You have discovered relevant information about the processing and destination of expenditures earmarked for national security. Subsequently, their common interlocutors were intercepted and monitored: one of the preliminary conclusions is that their actions are part of a complex money-laundering scheme, in which money is sent from Moscow, the Russian capital, to cities such as Bogota and Medellin.

Two active groups of Russians

According to El Tiempo’s article, transfers are made from the largest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe, Sberbank, and money is withdrawn in pesos at ATMs and cryptocurrencies. Investigators in this case have strong indications of this In Medellin and Bogota there are two groups of Russians who will participate in this network.

One of them was coined by a woman who took a flight, in December 2021, from the capital of Antioquia to Panama and from there to Moscow. The second, according to the file, is led by a man known by the pseudonym of Servac, who will be a lawyer, will work in the tourism sector and move around Colombia with a Russian consular certificate under which he has no criminal record.

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The objections made by the authorities to ‘Servac’ show this I had a plan to find strong friends in Colombia And he even coordinated money transfers from Moscow to the country through Sberbank and Western Union.

According to intelligence investigations, Servac frequently reports events related to protests and abuses in Colombia to his boss in Moscow, whom he calls Dimas. And the They also found copies of shipments of money from Russia.

Servac’s monitoring also includes screenshots of chats and profiles on social networks in which another Russian hosted more than 12 live broadcasts about the riots and vandalism in Bogotá, including giving directions and identifying people. In one of the recordings, the man is seen looking for “Felix,” one of the leaders of the aforementioned riots.

At the moment, local authorities are considering the idea of ​​asking the Russian Embassy in Bogota to help determine the cause of this Kazakhstan-born character, He transmitted these events through social media, in the midst of the riots, and endangered his safety, without being hurt by anything.

The photographs and names of 68 people who had contact in Colombia with “Servac” were also studied, including two known as Choco and Moure. In addition, at least three companies were mentioned in the investigations, their names were withheld so as not to hinder the work of the authorities.

In addition to, The authorities have shared some of this information with the governments of other countries, Groups such as the one led by Servac are believed to have similar interests in Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Nigeria and Serbia. In some of these countries, there are parallels with Colombia, such as the emergence of mass demonstrations of citizens that ended in riots or the failure of electronic voting in elections.

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The fact is that in the past year and a half, Colombia has expelled Russian spies and filed diplomatic complaints about a smart plane flying through Colombian airspace. It remains to be seen how Russia will proceed after learning the details provided by the investigation.


Asma, according to the investigation, will be associated with “Servac”.

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