They hacked the Movistar Spain Twitter account and retweeted messages about cryptocurrencies

Security of the Twitter account of Movistar Spain, the country’s main telecommunications company, has been hacked. At the time of writing this article, user Tweet embedthe blue Authenticity Verification badge, her name changed, and the cover and profile photos disappeared.

Additionally, the account’s last seemingly legitimate visible post is dated Wednesday, September 14th. Later, many retweet Cryptocurrency contenteverything related to Ethereum, Exactly on the same day that the network completed a major event known as the “Merge”.

Problems with Twitter account Movistar Spain

In the account profile, there is a retweet from the official Coinbase account, from another account claiming to be associated with the Ethereum community, from Vitalik Buterin, one of the founders of Ethereum, among others. Faced with this kind of scenario, it is important, as users, Be very careful to avoid possible scams.

Twitter account Movistar Spain 45

Although we do not know the details of what happened and We have written to Movistar Spain To include their data in this article, everything seems to indicate that someone without permission has seized the account, which may be a vector to carry out some kind of fraud using cryptocurrency or some other nature.

It must be remembered that this will not be the first time that a file has been locked High-profile Twitter account hacked. In 2019, the account of the social network’s CEO at the time, Jack Dorsey, began posting racist messages. In 2020, the role of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos and others came in the role.

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At the time of the 2020 hack, the aforementioned accounts promised to duplicate cryptocurrency transfers sent to a specific address. In fact, it was a maneuver in which the scammers wanted to use the access of public figures To steal money from those caught in the trap.

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