They forfeit 130 million euros in assets for three directors of Iberdrola | News from Mexico

Spain.- They have confiscated 130 million euros in assets from three Iberdrola directors.

This measure affects Pedro Barrioswho was the head of renewable energy at Iberdrola, to Rafael Icaza de la SotaManager already control Ricardo BravoCEO of Ibercyl, a subsidiary of Iberdrola in Castile and Leon.

The issue is much broader It can affect various political and business leaders and officials.

Iberdrola would have paid 80 million euros in bribes in Spain

According to the publication today, If the hypothesis of the Public Prosecutor’s Office is confirmed, up to 80 million euros will be paid in those eight years bribes to obtain concessions.

In total, five senior provincial government officials and 11 business menamong them the three directors of Iberdrola, who are cited as the main instigators of the scheme.

Iberdrola It did not decide on the request for financial assistance from one of the defendants, Ikaza, who is still working for the company, to cover the money demanded by justice.

The only thing that appears in their official reports is that in their annual report She is already considering paying the judge’s economic penalty of 11.25 million euros.

Iberdrola accused of bribery in Spain

Legal action takes place just three days after Iberdrola holds its annual shareholder meeting, at which top management has been certified with Ignatius Sanchez Prince In front despite numerous criminal charges.

According to a report by La Jornada, Castilla y León judge, Javier del Blas, It affirmed a fine of 11 million and 250 thousand euros and approved the confiscation of assets with a total value of 130 million euros against three of its managers.

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The case seeks to prove a A political-commercial corruption plot in which several concessions were granted to build wind farms who was from bribes until Abuse of influence and evasionHe cites the mediator.

This post adds that Iberdrola have in Spain At least five major lawsuits have been opened against him.

Iberdrola, accused of espionage and bribing officials, executives and journalists

The most dangerous of them is the one in which he himself is accused. Sanchez Galan It refers to the appointment of a former police commissioner to spy and coerce businessmen and directors of rival companies, as well as politicians, journalists and even environmental leaders who criticize mega projects For an energy company headquartered in Bilbao‘ adds the note.

But there are also many cases with less general impact, but they are investigating crimes GrandSuch as to treat subordinate the prices of electricity through the deliberate discharge of swamps.

Just like a file Illegal confiscation of land of more than 510 hectares To install the largest photovoltaic power plant there in Europewhich, according to a city ​​Council From the area, he didn’t even have a license.

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