They denounced the crimes of financing the Colombian candidate’s campaign

“The candidate has repeatedly made it clear that since the process of collecting signatures and at various stages of his candidacy, he has used his own resources, when the law was outlawed due to his accusation in the process of possible corruption against the public administration,” they noted.

The attorneys explained that the Public Prosecutor’s Office had filed an indictment against the state’s first judiciary candidate for alleged facts referring to crimes against the public administration, when he held the position of Mayor of Bucaramanga.

They stressed that this investigation is the responsibility of the Sectoral Prosecutor’s Office 05, attached to the Bucaramanga Public Administration Unit, and that the process is in progress.

They emphasized that the Colombian penal code stipulates that a candidate for an informal position will spend four to eight years in prison if he is allowed to invest assets from prohibited sources of funding in a campaign.

They stressed that “despite this ban, it is a notorious and well-known fact that the candidate has repeatedly emphasized that with his own resources he financed various stages of his electoral campaign for the presidency.”

They explained in the text that both the candidate himself and the campaign manager could incur the criminal type of campaign financing with prohibited sources, which is defined in Article 396a of the Colombian Penal Code.

Based on the foregoing, they requested the Public Prosecutor’s Office to proceed with the criminal investigation, of the alleged facts referred to, against the candidate Rodolfo Hernandez.

In addition, conducting the same investigation against whoever acts as his campaign manager, on the same terms and for the same facts, refers to the text of the group represented by the legalists Endimaro Logan and Oscar Fuentes.

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