They catch a meteor that crosses the skies over the UK in broad daylight



A man driving with his family in Jersey captured the moment a meteor hit the sky on his camera.

Ian Dreyhurst was traveling with his wife Wendy and their twin children when they noticed a “bright light” sailing over the Channel Islands at 2:45 pm this Saturday.

The meteorite coincided with an acoustic boom heard in parts of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset, and was said to shake homes.

Explosion-like noise can be heard when objects are traveling through the air at faster than the speed of sound.

Drehurst said seeing the meteor was “fancy” and “surprised us all a little.”

“It happened very quickly, so at first I wasn’t sure if it was just a strange reflection on the windshield or if the sun was playing tricks on us,” he said.

“It was only when we got back home that I realized my dash cam footage had taken it, and I checked, and saw that it wasn’t really a trick of light.”

Various reports of people who saw the meteor and heard the “sonic boom” were shared on social media.

Oxford University physicist Simon Proud tweeted a satellite image of a space rock flying overhead United kingdom.

The meteor, which the Jersey Harbor captain confirmed as such after reviewing the available footage, is believed to be responsible for the sound.

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The British Geological Survey wrote on Twitter that it “had no evidence of any seismic event,” while the Ministry of Defense said that the “sound barrier” was not associated with an RAF aircraft.

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Therefore, the most likely explanation for the noise is a rare daytime meteor that happily captured on Dryhurst’s dash cam.


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