They can close your PayPal account for this reason

Like we told you, PayPal has gained a lot of weight on the internet in recent years. Access to services like Pay online or send money to friends and family It is really easy to use one of their accounts for individuals, but this payment platform also gives us the opportunity to create a corporate account where we can manage the payments and sales we make to our customers. For all this we do not need much, although strict adherence to all requirements is necessary, as we will see later.

Age of majority, a major PayPal requirement

To open a PayPal account, simply contact us to your website And click on the Create an account button which we can find in the upper right part of the screen. Once this is done, we will be able to create one of the two methods that they provide completely free of charge, although if you are an individual, you must choose the personal account in all cases. Here we will find the first mandatory requirement to create an account: You have a mobile phone number. When you enter it, we will receive a verification SMS that we will have to enter, so make sure that you have your smartphone near you.

Next, we will have to fill out a form with our name, surnames, email and password, as well as our date of birth and address. Once we’ve done all this, we’ll have access to use our PayPal account, or add a debit/credit card or checking account if we want. At this point we may have overlooked something important (because the platform doesn’t specify it for us). The account creation form asks us for our date of birth, and does so for one reason only: To create and use a PayPal account, you must be of legal age.

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Obviously, this is an exclusive requirement to create an account, but as we’ve learned, it also affects users They created the account several years ago when they were minors. PayPal requires these users to verify their identity through DNI, and when the platform verifies that the account was created by the user when they were a minor, it completely restricts them.

Message to users who created the account from minors.

What do you do if this happens to us

If this is your case, then you should know that this PayPal account is “dead”, So you will not be able to work with it in any wayEither send or receive money. This, of course, will not make us lose all the balance we have in the account, but despite this, it is a huge inconvenience. According to the same email that you can see above, these users will be able to compensate their customers with this balance, as well as withdraw funds without problems.

To continue using PayPal, you will have no choice but to do so Create a new accountHowever, to do this, you must first delete the financial data from your original account, as you cannot link it to two different accounts at the same time.

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