They ask to exchange Queen Elizabeth for Crocodile Hunter on the banknote

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Crocodile hunter on Australian $5 note

According to the newspaper daily MailThrough a social network, a group of Australians is demanding that famous national figures be commemorated in that country’s current currency. The wish has been expressed on social media in recent days: “This is what we all want,” they expressed in unison.

Thousands of people on social media expressed various slogans rejecting the figure of King Carlos III and supporting Irwin’s place on the banknotes. Among them are requests such as “Steve Irwin deserves our highest form of coin,” or “It’s time to exchange Queen Elizabeth’s face for cash for Steve Irwin or Heath Ledger,” I think,” and even “the value of the five dollar bill would explode if we put it down ( Steve Irwin on that bill.manifested.

Steve Irwin, better known as crocodile hunterdied in September 2006 after being hit in the chest by a stinging head strike, and became a legend to millions of people around the world, who followed his famous TV show.

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From Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) They explained that in order for the change to take effect and a new A$5 bond issued in this format, a special procedure had to be implemented. “The ruling monarch has traditionally appeared in the lowest denomination of Australian banknotes,” officials said.

They explained that “the decision to include the Queen’s face on the $5 note was for her more personal than royal, and therefore the transition (from Carlos’ status) is not automatic.”

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What RBA officials said

According to the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), the $5 banknote was first issued in 1967, under Sir Joseph Banks and Caroline Chisholm. Then, in 1992, a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II was presented on the country’s first $5 polymer bill. This was later updated in 2016, with the same image, but updated for security purposes.

The fourth issue of the $5 banknote was the Union Notes issued to celebrate the centenary of the Federation of Australia in 2001, featuring Sir Henry Parks and Katherine Helen Spence.

One follower commented on social media: “My day will be better and I will have a happy day when I see Steve smiling at me.”

Irwin isn’t the only Australian icon being considered, with many taking to Twitter to share their aspirations for the $5 contender. Among the Australian legends vying for the top spot Kylie Minogue, Edna Dame, Anne Edmunds, Olivia Newton-John, Burt Newton, Shane Warren, Kathy Freeman and even Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer.

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