These are the most dangerous searches you can make on Google

The most dangerous searches on Google

This list has been compiled SurfSharkOne of the most popular VPNs. It has taken into account a series of common queries made by users that frequently return results containing phishing and other computer attacks. Hackers take advantage of this to steal passwords or infiltrate malware.

What are the most dangerous searches? According to a SurfShak report, most of these inquiries relate to TV Shows, Actors, Movies or Series. Popular searches that people of all ages can do to search for a specific piece of information, see some information about actors and actresses, check when a movie is released, etc.

Keep in mind that there are many fake websites on the internet, which were created just to steal information. Cybercriminals can take advantage of placing a fake web page in Google. They can make you think that it is a really legitimate site, but it is not at all.

According to SurfShark, attackers often put malicious sites through with common and simple queries, which apparently wouldn’t be a problem. This is where the examples we’ve seen relating to television and movies come into play.

Who are the most “dangerous” actors? This report indicates that Robert De Niro It is the search term that can cause the most attacks. More than 54 search results lead to malicious websites full of malware and forms that are actually phishing and simply looking to steal passwords.

like others Jake Gyllenhaal s Anthony, Hopkins They occupy second and third places, respectively. They are Google searches that can lead to fraudulent sites and their sole purpose is to defraud.

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Regarding actresses, the searches that show the most malicious results are Kate WinsletAnd Emily BluntAnd Rachel McAdams also Sandra Bullock.

Movies and series with malicious results

But far from specific actors and actresses, movies and series that show results can get dangerous. The most dangerous series, with the most Google search results containing malware or scams, is Too bad. Without realizing it, if you click on a dangerous link, you may be installing a virus on your computer.

There are also movies that can be especially dangerous when you search on Google. According to SurfShark List, the most dangerous are find my leagueAnd The Dark Knight s the hobbit. These are the ones most likely to lead to dangerous search results.

Therefore, when you perform a search on Google, there are certain terms that can take you to dangerous sites. As pointed out by SurfShark, this can mainly happen when searching for things related to actors, movies, or series. This is where we can find more security risks. It is important Google search with privacy And security.

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