These are the 5 most dangerous animals in the world

  • What animals scare people the most?
  • The Five most dangerous animals the scientist

one in magazine British Journal of Psychology A self-published study set itself the goal of finding out which animals in the general population elicit the greatest fear, but also disgust. Among the animals presented to the participants were insects and rodents, as well as parasites and pets. He was more afraid Spiders and snakes; Cockroaches, lice and tapeworms came in second place. Often they are Experience-related fear. For example, if people had a negative experience with a dog, they, in turn, were more afraid of it. But what are the most dangerous animals for humans?

Top 5: The most dangerous animals in the world

There are dangerous animals Whether on land, in water or in the air. The most dangerous animals are actually not the ones we are immediately afraid of.

These five animals endanger humans when confronted:

  • mosquitoes: The mosquito is one of the most dangerous animals in the world. Externally, the small insect is not directly perceived as dangerous, but the mosquito bite kills about 1000 people around the world every year 725,000 people. Mosquitoes transmit diseases such as malaria, elephantiasis, yellow fever, and West Nile virus. What distinguishes mosquitoes is their adaptability: they can survive in the tropics as well as in cold ones. You can now find many mosquito repellents as well as anti-mosquito clothing and mosquito nets to combat mosquitoes.
  • sand rattle snake: The most dangerous snake in the world is found mainly in West and Central Africa, North Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. She often hangs out at home and will attack immediately if she is startled. They die every year from their attacks Up to 20,000 people. Since animals tend to hide during the day, it is important to wear sturdy high boots in areas where a snake can be found and not reach bushes, rubble, or the like. If you recognize a snake, you should move away slowly and vice versa.
  • crocodile: In the water area, the crocodile is especially dangerous. An attack by a crocodile ends annually for More than 1000 people deadly. The jaw has a high biting force. You’ll encounter alligators in India, Africa, Australia, South and Central America, and Florida. When encountering a crocodile, it is important to stay as far away from it as possible and not attack it.
  • hippopotamus: Among land mammals, the hippopotamus is considered the most dangerous. Kill hippos annually Up to 500 people. You will meet hippos in Central and Southern Africa. However, you can protect yourself well: they usually attack only when people get too close and feel provoked.
  • blue ringed octopus: Although an octopus is only the size of a golf ball, its venom makes it extremely dangerous. Octopuses live in the Pacific Ocean around Australia and Japan. Although an animal bite is usually very painless, it is neurotoxin Most Dangerous: It is considered to be 1,000 times more powerful than cyanide and does not currently contain an antidote. If you don’t provoke the octopus and don’t get too close to it, it won’t usually attack it.

In short, you have good options to protect yourself from various dangerous animals. So confrontation is a must Not necessarily fatal or dangerousIf you keep enough distance and don’t provoke the animals. In any case, if you are attacked or injured, you should immediately medical help Find and get treatment as soon as possible.

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