There’s an amazing $200 million action movie on Netflix to watch tonight

If you need 2 hours of energy, you definitely need night vision Red Bulletin‘Running on Netflix.

Dwayne Johnson And the Ryan Reynolds They are the protagonists of the film directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, after the success of “Come ti spaccio la famiglia”.

Filming began in Atlanta in January 2020 and after the pandemic halted it resumed in September 2020. Several scenes were also shot in Rome and Sardinia.

The cost of the movie was good 200 million dollarsmaking it one of the most expensive films Netflix has ever produced, 60 of which were paid to the three performers: 20 million eachwithoutThe gender gapbetween actors.

The success of this film, On the Netflix special “The First 28 Days” (328.8 million number of hours watched) in the first place everproduction led to the program red notice 2 And the red notice 3 Which will be filmed in early 2023.

red notice

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John Hartley is the FBI’s best detective, this time battling another Red Notice, a code assigned by Interpol to the world’s most wanted criminal.

The new task will not be so easy because what is required is one of the best art thieves in the world known as “The Bishop”.

While searching around the world, Hartley will take part in a daring heist where he will encounter Nolan Booth, one of the biggest perpetrators of art theft.

At that moment, John Hartley will realize how useful Booth was to him during his research and will soon begin to collaborate.

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Between thrills, fist fights and big twists, will they be able to catch one of the world’s most dangerous art thieves?

Find out tonight!

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