There is room for spontaneity – the churches of Everingen

Public buildings receive “intelligent heating control”. Mayors must also have access to control the halls.

Admittedly, the management committee members only allocated €40,000 instead of the €60,000 originally estimated in the budget. “But a lot can be done with it,” said Ulrich Weiss, head of the Building Authority, when asked.

Above all, intelligent control must ensure that heating can be controlled and monitored via the app and that buildings do not overheat unnecessarily. In addition, the heating is automatically turned off again after the event is over, Weiß explained.

He was able to assuage Mayor Andrea Freire’s fears that local administrations and therefore also local clubs would be denied every opportunity to react spontaneously to private situations. According to Weiß, there is no problem at all in obtaining such applications for mayors. Then they can introduce changes in use on relatively short notice, and the systems will warm up on their own, in coordination with the appointment and not – as was often the case in the past – days in advance, Weiß explained.

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