There is no evidence of a US incursion into Venezuela

United States, Laura Richardson

There is no evidence that the United States military is about to enter Venezuela and oust Nicolas Maduro, a viral video claims. The content mixes old photos of the US Southern Command commander’s visit to Colombia in 2021, to which he is credited with false quotes.

The EFE Office of the United States Secretary of Defense denied that the information was validated.

In the 10-minute viral recording, an anonymous narrator asserts that the North American country is massing troops to Venezuela’s “border hotspots” for an “imminent incursion” seeking to oust Maduro and declare opposition Juan Guaido president.

This announcement was to be made by the commander of the United States Southern Command, General Laura J. Richardson.

To illustrate the claims, the content mixes up images of military exercises, Maduro’s speeches, Russian President Vladimir Putin, or the streets of Moscow.

Among other things, the video also confirms that Venezuelan teachers and soldiers have been attacked in recent days, that “the CIA and DEA are in Caracas” and there will even be indications that the Venezuelan president is “surrendering.”

facts: But the video does not provide real evidence or evidence and also uses decontextualized images from 2018 and 2021, or from military exercises in 2018 in Colombia. The EFE Office of the United States Secretary of Defense denied that the information was validated.

decontextualized images

A reverse search shows that the images of soldiers shown at the beginning of the video correspond to a joint exercise between the United States Army and the Colombian Army in 2018.

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The two armies carried out exercises at the military fortress of Tolimaeda, the largest military training center in Latin America, located about 150 km from Bogotá.

On the other hand, clips by the commander of US Southern Command, Laura Richardson, in which she appears to be announcing an “imminent incursion” into Venezuela, are actually from her December 2, 2021 visit to Colombia, when he had just taken office.

At that meeting, Richardson met with then-Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano, and senior military leaders and emphasized that he hoped to strengthen the strategic relationship between the two countries.

The videos in which Maduro appears are consistent with his speech after winning the 2018 presidential election – a result not recognized by the majority of the opposition and the international community – and others in which he talks about COVID-19.

The content is interspersed with other images of Putin, Moscow or US President Joe Biden.

The office of the United States Secretary of Defense denies this

The US Defense Secretary’s office denied via an email that the statements in the video were true or that the North American country intended to invade Venezuela.

Southern Command chief, Laura Richardson, returned to Colombia on September 5, for a three-day visit aimed at enhancing cooperation on issues such as security and the environment.

With Gustavo Petro’s coming to power in Colombia, an accelerated restoration of relations with Venezuela began in August, which so far includes the appointment of ambassadors in each country, as well as the resumption of military and judicial cooperation and the reopening of commercial flights. .

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Venezuela, on the other hand, is hoping the US will “steer clearer” the relationship with President Maduro – after some rapprochement this year in the midst of an energy crisis over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – after the midterm elections. Term in the North American country in November.

Midterm elections are expected in the United States. It is said that the president Joe Biden She is waiting for that to happen so that she can later direct her relationship with our government in a clearer way. “So we are waiting for that to happen,” Venezuelan Foreign Minister Carlos Faria said in an interview with state channel VTV.

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