“There is a lot of room for improvement in rural areas.”

“If we want to remain future-proof and competitive in our rural area, we need innovative, ecological mobility and, above all, affordable mobility. And what is already possible with us or not, we test it with a bus ride”, says local association president Wolfgang grits.

The first disappointment comes immediately: on Saturdays there is no transport to the train station in Espelkamp. “The fact that there are hardly any buses on Saturdays is not only a pity for people who want to visit Stemwede for a walk or bike ride. This makes getting to the train stations more difficult, especially for people from Stemweden, so they can plan a weekend trip without their car. This is definitely not recent, says Frick.

Member of Parliament Daniela Biehl explained: “The challenges in local public transport are very different in rural areas than in cities of the Ruhr region or the Rhineland. Therefore, my commitment is to create appropriate framework conditions in order to adapt mobility in our country to our needs.” Concretely, this It means that, first of all, all transportation must be better connected.

“We depend on the car. However, our goal is to provide comprehensive local transportation coverage, even if not every ten minutes. In this way, we provide people with the opportunity to switch more to public transportation. This is achieved through the network development of stations, such as the station The new buses are in Wahdim. At the same time, the offer should also be financially attractive. The liberal said that rural areas need support here in order to make inevitably greater distances more affordable. Daniela Biehl says: “Today’s trip showed that we still have There is plenty of room for improvement in rural areas so that the mobility revolution does not end at urban place-name signs.”

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And the liberal Stemweder also has concrete propositions: “If not only our school children are among the passengers, a constant connection to the train stations in Rahden, Espelkamp and especially in Bohmte and Lemförde with access to the long-distance rail network is important.”

The liberal member of the state parliament, Daniela Behl, wants to take all the experiences and discussions with her to Düsseldorf and campaign for better individual mobility in rural areas.


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