The world star has these options after the 2022 World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo caused a lot of excitement at the World Cup. But what’s next for the currently unsigned star? One thing is for sure: some clubs have already been cancelled.

Cristiano Ronaldo showed how he still hung on Monday night in Portugal’s 2-0 win over Uruguay. The goal made it 1-0 back to teammate Bruno Fernandes. Ronaldo adamantly insisted that he had headed the ball and therefore should have been credited with the goal.

A scene that captures the ambition of the 37-year-old. Football fans can be even more excited to know which “CR7” team he will play for after the World Cup, if he doesn’t even finish his career. Among other things, there is a change within the Premier League, but there are also options such as the weaker leagues in Saudi Arabia, Australia and the USA.

The truth is: there are very few concrete options. It is doubtful whether Ronaldo really loves them. A detailed analysis of the different options for Cristiano Ronaldo after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Premier League

Arsenal have Gabriel Jesus, Manchester City have Erling Haaland, Tottenham have Harry Kane, and Liverpool have new 80-meter Darwin Nunez. With all four clubs, Ronaldo is unlikely to be an option.

That leaves only one big club, Chelsea, and Sheikh Newcastle United as options. According to media reports from Britain’s “Telegraph” and Spanish daily newspaper “AS”, Chelsea were said to have no interest. In Newcastle, the Spanish “Marca” initially stated that the club should be interested in Ronaldo. The “Telegraph” and the online portal “90 Minutes” denied this rumor and indicated that Newcastle would not make an offer for Ronaldo.

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So it seems unlikely that Ronaldo will stay in the Premier League. Unless there is a surprise offer from one of the clubs mentioned or a club with no one on the list.

French League (Paris Saint-Germain)

From Ligue 1, only PSG will be considered as Ronaldo’s new employer. However, the club appears not to be interested in pairing the five-time Champions League winner with global superstar Lionel Messi. It is stated by the Spanish “AS”. Accordingly, the club refused a commitment to Ronaldo. With Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, PSG already have three star strikers and claim their spot as a regular.

La Liga (Real Madrid)

Catalan newspaper Sport first reported that Ronald’s agent, Jorge Mendes, had spoken to Real Madrid and offered six months for the club legend’s return to Real Madrid. The reason for this is that it is not clear how long Karim Benzema will be injured. “AS” explained a little later that Real made a fundamental decision on Ronaldo. So going back is not an option.

Other clubs from La Liga probably aren’t interested in Ronaldo either. Barcelona has Robert Lewandowski, and maybe change is not an option, also because of the rivalry between Barcelona and Real. It was said that Atletico coach Diego Simeone had already refused to transfer, according to the Spanish portal “Vichais”.

Bundesliga (Bavaria / BVB)

Series A

In Serie A, there are several theoretical options for the CR7. In practice, none of this seems very likely.

The global superstar has been repeatedly linked with AS Roma and star coach Jose Mourinho. The two have worked together successfully at Real Madrid in the past. Sporting director Thiago Pinto refused to change. “Signing Cristiano was never an option. These rumors had no basis,” he said at a soccer summit in Portugal, according to Italian media.

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