The Witcher, the writers of the Netflix TV series, don’t hate books

On the contrary, they respect them, as Lauren Hissrich assures.

In recent weeks, it was the indiscretions that wanted Show affiliate TV series From The The Witchers Literally Dislikes there Book series From Andrei Sapkovskythe father of the series starring The Witcher Geralt of Rivia.

And just in these hours, the presenter of the telecast he produced NetflixAnd the Lauren Hisrichthey decide to set the record straight, stating that it is not at all true that they dislike books in production, insisting on the fact that “He never made fun of bookson which video games and TV shows are based.

For those who missed this controversy, it all started when the writer Beau DiMaio — who is now working on X-Men ’97 — said some of his colleagues are writing TV series From the magicianThey mocked activelyOriginal article written by Andrei Sapkovsky.

Here are his sayings:

I worked on a show (Points to The Witcher, editor) Where some writers were not fans or actively disliked the books and games, this led to derision of the source material. In my view, this is a recipe for disaster and bad morale. I think you have to respect the work before you’re allowed to add more to that legacy.”

Since then, lovers the magician The social media channels of the Hisrich To show with a certain firmness all his opposition to some of the changes made by the writers’ team regarding the TV series From Netflix. These complaints only escalated when Henry Cavill He announced his separation on conditioning Netflix.

But now The Witcher TV’s Lauren Hisrich has decided to respond to these criticisms, silencing the controversy:

“I have never ridiculed books. Books are my entire livelihood. I have a wonderful relationship with Mr. Sapkowski and writers’ rooms are sacred and safe places, but above all places where support is preferred. Don’t believe everything you read.”

Finally, we remind you that instead of Cavill Role Geralt of Rivia will be entrusted to Liam Hemsworth in the fourth season from the show.

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