The Witcher – Netflix: Filming stopped, Cavill may have tested positive for Covid

A slight delay can be reflected in the postponement of the debut date

The setback affected the production the magician for Netflix, which is being filmed for the awaited season 3 in this period. Unfortunately, the reason is the formation of a new outbreak COVID-19 Which would have affected many members of the team, including the actor Henry CavillIn the series, he plays the hero, a wizard who kills monsters Geralt Rivia.

The Witcher has stopped, the debut date may be delayed:

To report this fact is the portal The Hollywood ReporterIt appears that the detention will continue until full recovery from the state of emergency. The block will be active since last Monday, July 25, when the lead actor was found positive in tests. Radian Intelligence It seemed that they were working on a complex and important scene.

The report was only partially confirmed by a spokesperson for the platform responsible for production, Netflixwho stated that he is working on the third season of the magician I ‘on break for covid’ And this production “It will work again as soon as it is safe to do so”. However, no one denied or confirmed the positivity Henry Cavill of the virus, and therefore at this point at the moment we cannot provide certainty. Perhaps in the near future, new sources will better explain the situation, or better yet the official announcement.

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Fortunately, the new season of the series does not have an expected release date yet, which will allow us to somewhat unaware of all the brutality of the potential slip that should follow, which the entity will likely have for a few weeks.

As kings, wizards, and monsters compete on the continent to capture it, Geralt hides the Ciri of Cintra, determined to protect his newfound family from those who threaten to destroy it. Yennefer, responsible for Ciri’s magical training, leads them to Aretuza Castle, where she hopes to learn more about the girl’s powers. That still lies dormant. However, the three find themselves on a battlefield made up of corruption, black magic, and betrayal: they will have to fight with all their might or risk being lost forever.”

In short, let’s arm ourselves with patience as we are waiting for season 3 the magician It will not appear in the catalog Netflix Too early. In the meantime, we wish everyone infected with this new virus milder symptoms and a speedy recovery. Although we are free again, we must not forget that the virus is still there, and it will probably remain there for a long time.

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