The US women’s soccer team has not traveled to Finland

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The Mexican women’s soccer team He did not find a way to travel to Finland, where the World Cup tournament is being held. The impact of the strike of airlines in Europe such as Lufthansa on flightsso the America-equipped Tricolor is still not traveling to the Nordic country, ahead of its tournament debut against Great Britain on Saturday.

A few days ago, the airline Lufthansa went on strike, affecting more than 135,000 passengers by canceling more than 678 flights. He explained that the strike was supported by the Green Union, which mainly affected domestic flights, causing the collapse of air and land transportation on that continent. Cesar Barrerapresident Mexican American Football Federationin a video shared on the official networks of the agency.

The idea was that they would travel from Tuesday, but there were no paid tickets, so it was also canceled. Given this, Those selected remain in the National Center for the Development of Sports Talent and High Performance (CNAR)They have focused on staying focused on their readiness and have received support from both directors Cynthia Maribel Leva Roa and Konadi. FMFA.

Derived from the above, this is Our women’s team has not made the trip to FinlandYesterday, as expected. I want to tell you that since the Tuesday when we learned all this, the staff of the Mexican Federation of American Football began to work, looking for viable alternatives that would provide security and certainty for our players and coaches,” continued Parreira in a video.

Among the possibilities being dealt with is moving to the United States and from there to Europe, but Not all players have a visa, making transportation difficult. Given the situation they are in, the IFAF is analyzing the delay in Mexico’s debut so that they are not excluded from the World Cup.

“The FIFA is aware of these setbacks from day one and has given us all the support so that Mexico is in the competition, yoThere was talk at one point about being able to arrive days later. The situation is being assessed and will be determined once the path Mexico will take to reach Finland is considered.”


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