The US women’s national team reaches the World Cup in Australia

be 39 players Those that already exist HelsinkiAnd the Finland With the goal of the match against the selective Australia in cWomen’s Soccer World Championships EquippedWhere the crossing and disorganization still suffer Some that are still stuck in another country.

during five years American football players prepared To face the World Championships in Helsinki, with the aim of improving the bronze in the Canadian version 2017, but this illusion disintegration A few days ago due to errors Mexican Federation of Specialization, who – which Didn’t buy plane tickets on time And so they lost any chance of seeking a medal.

July 27 The players discovered that they had not bought tickets for a trip to the World Cup stadium, so they put aside preparations and focused more on searching for tickets that would take them to Helsinki; The first excuse for the union headed by Cesar Parreira He didn’t have a Konadi budget.

finallyThe supplier has arrived On the same Thursday night and Friday night they started looking for different ways to get to the World Cup stadium; However, the union is a different situation Obstacles Like the person they should check inand that of the four million What will I give you?n, only two were destined for the world competition.

The players finally started on Saturday to leave, but spread out on different flights, most of them had to wait a while in different countries such as Germany, Switzerland and France, a connection that would take them to Finland. He lost his debut against Great Britain on the same day, as well as the possibility of a medal.

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They arrived in Helsinki in time to face Australia

On Sunday, eight players arrived Helsinkiby Monday there were already 21 people, and yesterday was the date to complete the team, to the max To play after I played this morning against Australia.

Yesterday, Tuesday, they were able to train on the Old Continent and Carla Machuka, from La Laguna, was one of the first three selected to arrive in Finland because she had a valid travel visa, so the transfer was speeded up.

“At least we are We are really focused on our countryWe play and give the best of each one, we were victims of a shoddy organization but we’ll talk about that later, now we play and see how to clean up the bad image the leaders created.”

One of the affected players, Michele Zamudio, said, “There are already 39 players and There is little to comeThe truth is, it was a very stressful process, and we didn’t think there would be so much weariness and weariness to do someone else’s work, but we are mentally prepared to give it all.”

sorry about that He is no longer fighting for the gold medal

“The fact is that we have to fight for fifth place weighs us down, because we put in a very good team, a lot was expected of us, and even the competitors knew we could fight for the gold,” she said.

Michelle shares it It’s not the first timewho are going through this situation Since the World Cup in Canada in In 2017, they encountered something similar, but They warned in time that there was no way to appeal.

“Something similar happened to us in the last World Cup, But it wasn’t surprising At that time there was the accountant Orobio and A month before the trip, he told us, “There is no Money, gave us the opportunity to get money, do things, and in the end we He said the union would pay for it We didn’t have to put any weight on, But he had the decency to tell us A month in advance and you’ll be able to move. And at this time they did not give us time for anything.

The player had to go through viacrucis to reach Finland; without However, it comforts him to be able to play In this competition all four Years.

“First I arrived in Paris, and here we are They said there are no tickets for Helsinki; we We stayed there one day, we were a group From 12 people then the other arrived A group of approximately 22 players; I’m from there I went to Munich and then to Helsinki. We already made our mind up, it was a torment to be there knowing we don’t have tickets, but we said ‘let’s go’ Let’s hit it, we’ll get there, and we’re already Focus on showing why teams fear us and leave the best for last. we come to Have fun, get to know, and prove A talent that exists in Mexico.”

Lagunera is still stuck in Paris

In social networks it is Request for financial support for some players They are still stuck on the journey To Finland, including is the lake Paula Tovalin Who is with other players in Paris Waiting for contact with The flight that takes them to the headquarters From the world it was very Physically and mentally exhausted for the entire delegation, who said A move they no longer aspire to a medal, now they just go for pride and strive to prove themselves Team of Respect


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