The update will reach all devices in Mexico with Apple AirPlay 2, HomeKit, and even video game mode

Roku launched its first device in 2008 and the operating system is currently arriving at version 10 and the company is promising many new features. Operating system 10 years Already available on some devices currently, but an Very important upgrade for most models Which are officially distributed in Mexico.

The company mentioned that Every year they prepare at least two software updates Related on their device, most recently October 2020 Which added support for AirPlay 2 and HomeKit on some models, at the time the feature was only available on 4K models.

AirPlay 2 and HomeKit for everyone

The company confirmed that both are AirPlay 2 and HomeKit will also be available on HD devices, As well as Roku Express and select Roku TV HD models. With this extension, users will be able to control and share their content directly from their iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Apple Homekit

For HomeKit, Roku devices can be controlled via Siri or the Home app on Apple devices. The company took the opportunity to boast that it has support through its three main voice assistants: Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

Automatic detection of Wi-Fi is one of the additions that will inform users of the optimal wireless network to connect at home and thus can enjoy better streaming experience. The OS itself will only limit itself to indicating the best connection, and in the end it will be the user who decides.

Roku auto network configuration

Finally, HDR 10+ will be activated as long as the Roku model is 4K and the TV has compatibility.

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Roku TV wants to be a video game option

Roku TV will also have an important novelty for people who have video game consoles, and the operating system now It will automatically detect if we have connected a controller to activate the video game mode, Indicates that they have discovered the capabilities of the device to try to provide a better experience. Among the novelties it is assumed:

  • Automatic low latency mode
  • Variable refresh rate
  • High FPS range
  • THX Certified Game Mode
Xboxseriesx S.

They explained that depending on the Roku TV model, the functions will be configured automatically, including options such as HDR or high refresh rate.

Roku TV is available in Mexico in seven different brands, with nearly 35 different models. The companies are as follows:

  • Hisense
  • Phillips
  • TCL
  • JVC
  • Sharp
  • In focus
Photo 15

Roku OS 10 will soon be rolling out to most of the devices officially distributed in Mexico.

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