The United States will respect Petro’s desire to restore relations with Venezuela

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Colombia’s ambassador to Bogota said the United States would respect the decision of Colombian President-elect, leftist Gustavo Petro, to restore relations with Venezuela.

After taking office on August 7, Petro announced that he would reactivate diplomatic and commercial channels with Nicolas Maduro, which had been suspended since 2019.

Neither the United States nor the outgoing administration of Ivan Duque recognized the Chavista leader, considering his re-election fraud.

However, the representative in charge of the White House, Francisco Palmieri, said, “We respect the sovereign decisions of any country (…) to deal with the situation in Venezuela.”

“We will see what decisions the new government will make, but this is their decision and we will do everything we can to maintain the good relationship with Colombia,” the diplomat added on Radio W.

Petro and Maduro already spoke on the phone after he was elected on June 19 as Colombia’s first left-wing president.

The future ruler hopes that together with Maduro they will be able to drive out the armed groups operating on both sides of the 2,200-kilometer border.

He is also confident that he will restore fertilizer production to Venezuela’s Monomeros, the center of the dispute between Caracas and opposition leader Juan Guaido, who is recognized by the United States as interim president.

In the framework of the new relations with Washington, Petro intends to amend the free trade agreement in force since 2012 to stop the import of some products, in favor of boosting local agricultural production.

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Without going into this initiative, Palmieri commented that his country wants to “work with the new government, particularly in its efforts to improve the country’s economy and promote greater economic justice.”

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