The United States refuses to grant visas to Cuban officials to attend the People’s Summit

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Havana (AFP) – The official newspaper Granma reported that the United States refused to grant visas to 23 supporters of the Cuban government who planned to participate in June in the Peoples Summit, parallel to the Summit of the Americas.

“The United States government has denied visas to 23 Cubans who will participate in the Peoples’ Summit for Democracy, which will be held June 8-10 in Los Angeles, California, parallel to the Ninth Summit of the Americas,” Granma said. , citing organizers as a source.

He pointed out that among these 23 female doctors, Dr. Tania Crompet Ramos, who contributed to the development of several vaccines; Reinres Salas Perez, an Olympic wrestler who won a bronze medal in Tokyo, Jorge Gonzalez Núñez, a Christian student leader, as well as journalists, artists, unionists, and community leaders.

A statement by the meeting’s organizers, republished in Granma, notes that “refusing to grant them visas is an affront to the very democratic values ​​that the United States government and the Summit of the Americas claim to defend.”

Although several US officials said invitations to the Summit of the Americas had not yet been delivered, they also suggested that Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua not be invited because they did not meet democratic standards.

This situation sparked protests and the governments of the Caribbean Community, Mexico, Bolivia and Guatemala announced that they would not attend if this exclusion continued.

At the conclusion of Monday’s parliamentary session, President Miguel Diaz-Canel said that “everyone who assumes their commitment to hosting the meeting of the Western Hemisphere must have the ability and the courage to listen to all.”

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Cuba has been invited and attended the 7th (Panama, 2015) and 8th (Lima 2018) Summits of the Americas.

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