The United States, new incentives for renewable energy from Congress

Congress has approved a $ 900 billion economic stimulus package in response to the Covid-19 emergency. Clean energy is back at the investment center

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The Congress From United States of America And approved by the overwhelming majority of the economic stimulus package $ 900 billion To alleviate the difficulties facing families and businesses, which have been hit hard by the economic and health balance of the Covid-19 pandemic. The package of measures also includes the allocation of billions of dollars Promote clean energy, Such as wind and solar power, to significantly reduce over time the use of powerful refrigerants such as air conditioners and refrigerators, which are one of the main drivers of global warming.

Although the budget from $ 900 billion It represents about half of the $ 2.2 trillion subsidy package approved last March that provided the core of the legislative provisions for the new law, which the latter called Stimulus package It remains one of the largest economic aid packages in recent US history. It will save a file Unemployment benefit An additional $ 300 per week for 11 weeks, for millions of citizens and will present another round of Family benefits From $ 600 directed for adults and children.

According to Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin, hundreds of dollars in direct payments could start reaching individuals as early as next week. “I expect the money to arrive at the beginning of next week. $ 2,400 for the family From four people – much-needed comfort, just in time for the holidays [di Natale, ndr]Mnuchin announced to the network CNBC.

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Economic aid for the environment

Republicans and Democrats work together to protect the environment through innovation, Happy advertising News agency (FatherJohn Barrasso, chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, referring to the new aid package. “This historic agreement includes Three separate laws This will significantly reduce greenhouse gasesThe senator stressed.

This legislation provides for economic measures aimed at strengthening Techniques ”For constipationAnd storing carbon dioxide Produced by power plants and factories, as well Reducing diesel emissions Of buses and other vehicles, will reduce in the next fifteen years Hydrofluorocarbon (Or HFC) is used in many appliances, from cars to air conditioners. HFCs are seen as a major driver of global warming and are being targeted by environmental groups around the world.

Moreover, the new legislation is also extended Tax exemptions for solar and wind energyWhich is an essential part of President-elect Joe Biden’s ambitious plan to achieve 100%Clean electricityBy 2035.

Senator Tom Carber of Delaware, a major supporter of the Democratic Environment Group, emphasized Father That this package of measures It will reduce pollution from school buses, air conditioners and refrigeratorsCreating thousands of jobs and helpingSaving our planet from the climate crisis“.

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