The United States is establishing new sanctions against China. They ask European countries to participate

The United States is considering implementing a new package of sanctions against China for the purpose of discourage the invasion of Taiwan. Washington will stand too pressure on European countries to comply with the measures. The agency writes it Reuters. According to sources who met the agency, discussions are still ongoing in the initial stage. Sanctions will affect both trade and investment in sensitive sectors such as the Gaza Strip Microprocessors and Communication. The White House declined to comment, as did the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Taiwan’s foreign ministry said it discussed recent Chinese provocations and “big challenges” facing Beijing but was unable to disclose details. In recent weeks, Taiwan has requested US and European action However, it has intensified.

European Union countries have so far avoided imposing severe sanctions on China for issues related to it human rightsAnother person familiar with the matter said that the state plays a more important role in the economy of the Old Continent than Russia. The decision to adopt sanctions It requires unanimity among member states from the European Union. All European countries, with the exception of the Vatican, have formal diplomatic relations with Beijing but not with Taiwan. there Germany It has particularly close economic ties with China. Next Thursday the Chinese president Xi Jinping He will attend a summit in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, with the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is Xi Jinping’s first overseas trip in two years.

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