The United States: Iran reassures Biden that there is a chance to restore the original terms of the nuclear agreement

Madrid, 23 years old (Europe Press)

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Yawad Zarif, has affirmed that his country is ready to return to the original terms of the 2015 nuclear deal with the international community if the new Biden administration returns to respect the original spirit of the agreement.

If Iran feels goodwill from the United States, according to Zarif, the Islamic Republic will also “revert to full implementation of our obligations under the nuclear agreement” and “cancel all corrective measures it took after Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal.” In reference to the latest uranium enrichment procedures.

In the face of criticism, Zarif acknowledged that “Iran has greatly enhanced its capabilities but has done so by fully complying with Article 36 of the nuclear deal, which allows Iran to“ stop fulfilling its obligations ”under the agreement if another signatory country fails to comply. Foreign Policy magazine.

The minister warned, however, that “if Washington, on the other hand, insists on obtaining concessions, this opportunity will be lost,” which asked Biden to demonstrate “a real political will to prove that the United States is ready for this. A true partner in collective endeavors.” .

“In return, the remaining signatories to the agreement will decide whether the United States should be allowed to regain the seat at the table that it abandoned in 2018,” Zarif wrote, because “international agreements are not revolving doors, in the end, and he added regarding Trump’s abandonment of Trump. : “It is not an automatic right to return to a negotiating agreement and enjoy its privileges after one leaves on a whim.”

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