The United States imposes sanctions on Russia and expels diplomats

In revenge for one Moscow The US government deported ten Russian diplomats attributed to the pirate attack. Among diplomats in acting in Washington The White House said on Thursday that five Russian intelligence personnel.

In addition, many people and organizations are being punished and US banks are banned from trading the new Russian national debt.

National Security Adviser to US President Joe Biden, Jake Sullivan, said in an interview with the news channel CNN He said that these are “appropriate” measures to defend US interests. President Biden’s goal is “to provide a meaningful and credible response, but not to escalate the situation.” Sullivan initially did not provide details about the new sanctions.

The United States of America And the Russia Sullivan said they could work together and have a “stable and predictable relationship”, despite their differences on issues such as disarmament. Biden also emerged from impending sanctions in his conversation with the Russian president Vladimir Putin He made no secret of this week. At the same time, he stressed that he seeks a stable relationship with Moscow. “We can find a path that does not create a cycle of confrontation,” Sullivan said.

The sanctions are aimed at avenging a massive pirate attack on ministries, authorities, and companies in the United States, which US security authorities suspect Russia is behind. The attackers gained access to the networks using SolarWinds maintenance software, which was used in many places and remained undetected for several months. The case, which became known in December, was an embarrassing setback for the US security services.

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Show talk remains

Biden was with Putin on that A conversation from Tuesday Suggest a meeting. This offer remains open, Sullivan said. Sullivan told CNN that Biden believes that the relationship between the two countries is in “a very difficult situation in which we face the risk of a downward spiral.” Therefore, Biden and Putin should meet to discuss the differences together and determine a way forward.

Russia had previously warned of new sanctions and threatened to take counter measures. The government in Moscow rejected allegations of influencing the elections and held them responsible for the pirate attacks.

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