The United States closes the Ukrainian border with Mexico

Government United State It said on Thursday that it will not allow Ukrainian migrants to arrive across the border with Mexico from next week.

And the US State Department warned that “Ukrainians who arrive in Mexico will, from April 25, undergo the same process as those in Europe.”

security Department The news was confirmed, as did the US embassy in Mexico.

presided over management Joe Biden He warned that Ukrainians who attempt to cross the border by force or through checkpoints or between ports of entry without valid entry documents and who have not undergone the entry process will be returned to Mexico.

It is estimated that over 12,000 Ukrainians entered the United States through the port of Chaparral for a month.

“Stay in Europe”

Federal government He announced a new program in cooperation with the Government of Mexico to expedite the arrival of Ukrainian refugees to the United States who will be granted “humanitarian parole” for a period of two years.

Both sources noted that the United for Ukraine (U4U) program encourages all Ukrainians currently in Europe to remain in place and apply for admission to the Union for Ukraine from there.

This is good news for people in Europe. We know they will keep arriving because many of them have prepared their flights, and there are people who are stranded in Cancun or Mexico City. “We hope that they will reach it because the Chaparral checkpoint is closed on the 25th and they will no longer be able to enter through this port, and everyone who arrives before the 25th will enter without any problem,” said Enrique Lucero, director of immigrant services. in Tijuana.

The cost of a trip from Ukraine to Tijuana to enter the United States is a minimum of three thousand dollars.

The United States Embassy in Mexico explained that the Mexican government is working closely with the United States government to ensure appropriate, humane, and effective treatment under the United for Ukraine program.

The State Department reports that Canada, Mexico and the United States will hold a North American-wide conversation on the crisis in Ukraine, including support for Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion of their country.

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The date of this meeting has not yet been determined.

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