The United States and Israel are against the United Nations because of the Cuban trade embargo

Rodriguez: “Our country is constantly renewing itself, but what has remained constant and fixed in the past is mass”

Since 1992, the United Nations has spoken publicly about the economic and trade embargo imposed by the United States on Cuba. The fiscal policy imposed by the United States of America on Cuba.” 185 countries voted for him, Brazil and Ukraine abstained, and as usual the United States and Israel voted against.
Havana’s foreign minister Bruno Rodriguez With regard to the vote, he declares: “The international community affirms, once again and eloquently, the almost collective call for an end to the blockade and isolation imposed by the United States due to a cruel policy that violates international law.“.
During the United Nations Assembly, before countries expressed their opinion in a vote, Rodriguez revealed how the measures in place over the past 60 years are hurting the Cuban economy: “Cuba is constantly renewing itself, but the embargo that remains constant and entrenched in the past is the embargo. This illegal and criminal policy is incalculable and has a negative impact on the development of the countryThe Cuban Minister also drew attention by discussing the fact that sanctions affect not only the country’s economy but also human rights. As an example, the politician recalled how Cuba had to develop its own vaccine and treatments to treat the population during the pandemic.
Bruno Rodriguez Announced that the economic and trade embargo did not allow Cuba to grow by 4.5%, the latest data collected on the sanctions against Havana shows that the damage to the country amounted to 154.217 million dollars, last year, from August 2021 to February 2022, economic losses 3,806 Million dollars. Especially since he took office Joe Biden Economic damage increased to $6,364 million.
Miguel Diaz-Canelthe President of Cuba, on the intervention of the Minister of Foreign Affairs expressed himself as follows: “I listened to Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, he spoke loud and clear to the world. Our reality may seem harsh. But the mass is immeasurably harder. It’s brutal“.”What is waiting for the United States to lift the embargo? He asked for a description of the ban as “Genocide, illegal and criminal“.
During the discussion of the resolution proposed by the United Nations, Ethiopia considered the trade embargo as a measure that should not be approved.”I deeply tested the unease of the Cuban peopleThe African country calledAn open and constructive dialogue between the United States and Cuba to strengthen their differencesNicaragua said:This blockade imposed during a pandemic becomes a crime against humanity“.
Several associations have also offered their support for the cause and have spoken out against trade sanctions, among the organizations we find the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), the Central American System Integration (SICA), the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Caribbean Community ( Caricom), the Group of 77 + China and the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

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