The United Kingdom to defend Sweden and Finland in the event of an attack

british prime minister, Boris JohnsonI reported on Wednesday that it has arrived New agreements with Sweden and Finland To strengthen European security, he promised to support the armed forces of both countries should they come under attack.

The agreements described by Britain as “A radical change in defense and security cooperation”It will help allay concerns in Finland and Sweden about threats from Russia if either country decides to join NATO.

“What we say, sure, This is in the event of a disaster or an attack on Sweden“The UK will come to help Sweden with whatever Sweden asks,” Johnson said after meeting Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson.

Photo: Reuters

Johnson did not say whether the UK would send troops to Sweden in the event of an attack.

It is up to Sweden to apply Explain exactly what support is required.

Sweden coordinates with Finland Possible entry into NATO Both countries are expected to announce their intentions in the coming days. Read more

“If Finland takes this historic step, it is because safety of our citizensFinnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said during a visit to Japan on Wednesday.

Joining NATO will strengthen the entire international community and I will defend our common values“.

With information from Reuters

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