The United Kingdom is ready to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth II

London, 1 June (EFE). Everything is ready in the UK until the platinum jubilee celebrations of Elizabeth II, the 70th anniversary of her reign, begin on Thursday, with thousands of businesses and events planned in the country and abroad.

Among the artists featured in the big agenda of activities offered by the Department of Culture today are Ed Sheeran, Quinn, Alicia Keys and Diana Ross, whose shows can be watched on giant screens near Buckingham Palace in London, as well as in Cardiff (Wales) and Edinburgh (Scotland).

The country will enjoy four public holidays until Sunday, and more than 200,000 local events are scheduled across the British geography, such as luncheons, street parties or projections.

According to the culture manifesto, 600 Great Jubilee banquets will be held in more than 80 countries, from Greenland to New Zealand, in honor of Elizabeth II, 96 years old.

The official festivities will open on Thursday with the classic Trooping the Colour, which has celebrated the birthdays of all British royalty for more than two centuries.

About 7,000 people will be able to watch the on-site parade, which will culminate in a fly-over of RAF aircraft and a traditional salute from the balcony of the royal family’s palace, which Prince Andrew and the Dukes of Sussex will not participate in. Enrique and Megan.

Televisions in the country will offer continuous special programs where all Jubilee shows will be presented, such as the religious service at St Paul’s Cathedral on Friday, the grand concert at the gates of Buckingham on Saturday or the Jubilee Parade on Sunday.

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In addition, the government has extended pub closing hours to 1am to allow people to party at a later time.

Culture Minister Nadine Dorries said in the statement: “For 70 years, the Queen has been the ultimate symbol of what it means to be British. Her unwavering leadership and unwavering service through thick and thin have inspired many.” EFE

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