The UK Attorney General’s Office is considering bringing charges against former employees of King Charles III’s charity

Office of the Prosecutor General United kingdom Considers whether to bring charges against former employees of a Charitable Foundation of King Carlos III After receiving a police tip-off about his alleged promises of awarding honorary degrees in exchange for donationsBBC reported on Sunday.

The London Metropolitan Police (Met, or Scotland Yard) has confirmed that it has passed its findings to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which should soon decide whether to take the case to court.

The Met launched an investigation in February at the request of the Republican Assembly, which filed a complaint in September 2021 after articles were published in the press alleging that a King collaborator, Michael Fawcettin 2017 in Those Corrupt Exchanges.

Fawcett, who resigned from the Prince’s Foundation (then founded by Prince Charles in 1986) in the wake of the scandal, was accused of promising Saudi benefactor Mahfouz Mari Mubarak bin Mahfouz. Assistance in obtaining British citizenship and the highest title of nobility.

At the time, spokespeople said Charles III They denied that he had knowledge of these transactions on their behalf. And the BBC indicated, on Sunday, that the king had not been questioned.

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