The UAE lands in the Metaverse region and opens a virtual office for the Ministry of Economy

Doing business in metaverse: in The United Arab Emirates Now you can. The Gulf state announced the opening of a branch The Ministry of Economy In the’A digital world that aims to replace physical reality. “This will be our third location (the other two are in Dubai and Abu Dhabi), but at the moment it is just a proof-of-concept”, explains the Minister of Economy Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, which aims to turn the prince into “one of the world’s ten largest converged economies” by 2030. How? It will seek to attract 1,000 companies specializing in blockchain and virtual technologies, which will contribute $4 billion to GDP growth and create 40,000 jobs.

In the metaverse it will be easier to sign documents

the new virtual headquarters The UAE Ministry of Economy will be divided Multiple floorsEach has a purpose and has different offices. The building includes an auditorium – to facilitate virtual conferences and other events – and meeting rooms that allow users to share a screen. This is how the ministry will be Anyone can access itanywhere in the world: a personal computer will suffice.

After entering the metaverse, visitors will need to bring a file a ticket, which will allow him to interact with the official. It will be easier this way Signing documents legally binding. With great satisfaction, the Minister of Economy Abdullah bin Touq Al-Marri, who provided digital services there Spearhead its management operations. (All rights reserved)

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