The twenty-seven would come to defend Finland and Sweden in the event of a military attack.

Finland and Sweden can rest in peace. The European Union will come to its defense in the event of a Russian attack while waiting to join NATO. This was stated by Josep Borrell, the EU’s chief diplomat, during a meeting of the bloc’s defense ministers. European treaties already contain an article requiring a common defense in the event of an attackbut Josep Borrell wanted to be clear.

“If a country is attacked on its territory, and there is armed aggression against a member state of the European Union, then that country can ask other countries to help it. Others are forced to do so with all their means. No more, no lessinsisted the High Representative of the European Union.

This is Article 42.7 also known as the solidarity clause. It is included in the Lisbon Treaty, which has been in force since 2009. While Finland and Sweden have completed the process of joining NATO, the United Kingdom and several Nordic countries have already offered them security guarantees.

But is there a real danger of Russia attacking either country? “Obviously Moscow took a fairly soft approach to this issue. I mean, they clearly said they were not satisfied with the decision. They threatened to take some military technical measures. But the end result is that they did. They accepted the political decision. What they will not accept, and I think Putin is here trying to draw a red line, is any deployment of NATO forces on the territory of the two countries.said Fabrice Botheer, political analyst at Rasmussen Global.

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The European Union also decided to add another 500 million euros in financial aid to the Ukrainian army. The total amount since last February has already reached 2,000 million euros. The money comes through the European Peace Fund and allows Ukraine to buy weapons and military equipment to fight against Russia.

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