The Truth Commission will present its report this week in the United States and before the United Nations

The head of the Colombian Truth Commission, Francisco de Roo, speaks during an interview with Reuters in Bogota, Colombia, June 28, 2022. REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez

Beginning this Tuesday, July 12, and running through the fifteenth of the same month, the Truth Commission, headed by its Director, Father Francisco de Roo, will tour the United States to present the final report. From this entity that was created after the signing of the peace agreement between the Colombian state and the extinct guerrilla FARC.

On La W Radio, they reported it On Wednesday, July 13, the meeting will take place in New York between the pastor and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, who will receive the document the next day. which sought to clarify the facts and context of violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in the context of the armed conflict in the country.

On the radio they explained it The delivery will take place on Thursday, July 14, coinciding with the submission of the United Nations Quarterly Report.

Meanwhile, in the Cambio Colombia magazine, they pointed out that It will be an important trip for Father de Roux as he will also travel to Washington to also make it available to the State Department. From the North American country.

The devotees, commissioners to lead the entity, will be accompanied by commissioners Alejandra Miller and Patricia Topone. On this tour of the United States that is part of A strategy for reporting in a society that seeks to present a heterogeneous view of the conflict in the country.

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It is a starting point for a large and continuous dialogue in the country about the causes of the conflict, its continuation, and the necessity of its non-continuity and non-recurrence. The period of analysis for its construction was from 1958 to 2016, without neglecting the phenomena of the continuation of the conflict today “, They confirmed it in the truth commission when they officially presented it in Colombia.

Even at that time, the Delegation of the European Union in Colombia and the Member States confirmed that it was a significant contribution from the state entity. In addition, they invited the country to receive it as an opportunity for dialogue about what needs to be done to continue moving towards a better future.

Specifically, Eamonn Gilmore, the EU’s special envoy for peace and special representative for human rights, received the report on Monday from Lehner Palacios.

“A model for resolving other disputes”, Via the EU Twitter account after the official received the document.

Last Friday, the Colombian Truth Commission presented the report in Madrid (Spain) at an event in Casa de America. There, two commissioners presented the conclusions of a text that collects information from 112 databases and testimonies of Colombians residing in different countries of the world.

The report was able to prove that during 60 years of armed confrontation in Colombia, They committed 50,770 kidnappings, 121,768 disappearances, 450,664 murders, and 7.7 million people were victims of forced displacement.

With regard to liability for murders, Paramilitary groups were the most responsible – 205,028 casualties, 45 percent -. Followed by guerrilla groups – 122,813 casualties, 27 percent – the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the National Liberation Army (ELN) have accumulated the most homicides; And finally state agents – 56,094 victims, 12% – according to the report.

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