The thaw redraws the border between Italy and Switzerland

at the top of snowy alpsa 3 thousand 480 meters From the height, the consequences climate change Edited The border between Switzerland and Italywhich generates a dispute about the mountain refuge site Italian it He is now on the Swiss side.

The boundary line between the two countries is determined by the flow of melt water that flows towards one country or another.

But setback Theodol Glacier Means that the pelvis has slipped towards Matterhorn Guide Shelter، Peak Testa Gregia From 3 thousand 480 metersand gradually passes under the shelter.

the situation Surprise athletes and touristsHow Frederick59, asks upon seeing the menu in Italian with prices in euros, instead of German and Swiss francs: Are we in Switzerland or Italy?

The question is correct, and the answer was the subject of diplomatic negotiations that began in 2018 and ended last year. However, details of the agreement remain confidential.

Two-thirds of the hostels are technically located in southern Switzerland

When The shelter was built on a rocky outcrop in 1984they 40 beds and long wooden tables They were totally Italian side.

But Now two thirds of the hostelincluding most of the family and restaurant, Technically they are in the south of Switzerland.

The problem has come back to the fore because the area, dependent on tourism, is at the top of one of the largest ski resorts and a new cable car station is being built a few meters away.

Agreement reached in November 2021 in Florencebut only the result will be released When approved by the Swiss governmentWhich will not happen before 2023.

“We agreed to divide the teams,” he said. France Press agency Alain Wicht, Head of the Border Department at the Swiss cartographic agency Swisstopo.

His job includes monitoring 7 thousand bookmarks during the 1,935 km From the Swiss border with France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein.

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He participated in the negotiations in which the two sides made concessions to find a solution “Even if neither side was a winner, at least no one lost.”

line in the snow

The Italian-Swiss border passes through glaciers along the watershed.

But Theodol Glacier It lost nearly a quarter of its mass Between 1973 and 2010what or what It exposed rocks under the ice and altered the drainage gap and forced the two neighbors to redefine about 100 meters of their boundary.

According to Weicht, such modifications were frequent and It was resolved without the involvement of politicians.

“We’re arguing over land that isn’t worth much,” he said. In this case, “it is the only site that includes property,” which is what gave the land “economic value.”

His Italian peers declined to comment. “Because of the complex international situation.”

Former Swisstopo President Jean-Philippe AmsteinHe pointed out that such disputes are usually resolved through the exchange of plots of land equivalent in terms of area and value.

In this case, he explained, “Switzerland is not interested in acquiring a piece of the glacier, and the Italians cannot compensate for the loss of the Swiss surface area.”

The shelter is still Italian

Although the outcome of the transaction is confidential, To the caretaker of the shelter, Lucio Trucco, 51It was said, The site will remain on Italian soil.

“The shelter is still Italian because we’ve always been Italian,” he said. “The menu is Italian, the wine is Italian, and the taxes are Italian,” he added.

Years of negotiations delayed the shelter’s renewal because none of the towns on either side of the border were able to issue a building permit.

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The work will not be completed in time for the scheduled inauguration Late 2023From New cable car on the Italian side of the Klein Matterhorn.

Its slopes can only be accessed from Zermatt, The famous Swiss ski resort.

Some mid-altitude ski resorts are preparing to close operations due to global warming, but you can ski in summer on the slopes of Zermatt-Cervinia, although doing so contributes to the retreat of the glacier.

“That’s why we have to reinforce the area here because it will definitely be the last to die,” Trucco said.

Currently, on Swisstopo maps, the solid pink strip of the Swiss border remains a dashed line as it passes through the shelter.


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