The Syrian army is stepping up its military exercises with Russian support

Damascus, August 1 – Units of the army and armed forces carried out military exercises considered the largest of their kind, in cooperation with the Russian forces operating in Syria at the request of the government of this Arab nation.

Pictures published by the Ministry of Defense showed the use of tactical and ballistic missiles, combat bombers, attack helicopters, artillery, missile launchers and other means of firing, including modern anti-aircraft defense systems.

The exercises, led by Major General Suhail al-Hassan, commander of the 25th Special Forces Division, were attended by Chief of General Staff Abdul Karim Ibrahim, commander of the Russian forces operating in Syria, Alexander Shaiko, and high-ranking officers. Russians and Syrians.

The military formations participating in the maneuvers crossed the water barriers and reached the opposite shore with a thick cover of fire from land and air.

The Chief of Staff, after evaluating the results of the exercises, affirmed the determination to continue improving the capabilities and capabilities of the armed forces and to continue the battle until every inch of Syrian territory is liberated from terrorism and occupation.

The Syrian forces have intensified their joint military exercises with the Russian forces in recent months, including military parachute landings and airborne operations, as well as the graduation of several groups of elite forces.

According to analysts, these exercises carry messages to the enemies of Syria, especially the United States and Israel, which Damascus accuses of violating its sovereignty. (LL)


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