The Swiss federal prosecutor plans to appeal after the acquittal of Blatter and Platini

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GENEVA (AFP) – The Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office has expressed its intention to appeal the acquittal of Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini, announced by the Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona on July 8, following their accusations of fraud.

The UEFA Public Prosecutor confirmed to AFP via email that on Friday, July 15, it had expressed its intention to appeal the acquittal of the French football legend, who chaired UEFA before the case attributed to him, and to whom. He was for a long time the symbolic head of FIFA.

“This is not a preliminary decision. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office will base itself on the written reasons for the court’s decision to decide how to proceed,” the email states, specifying that the OAG will not provide additional information at this time.

Written reasons for the Federal Criminal Court’s decision may take some time.

The 67-year-old Frenchman and 86-year-old Swiss made an appearance in June over a controversial 2 million Swiss franc ($2.04 million) payment by FIFA to Michel Platini.

The defense and the prosecution agreed on one point: the Golden Ball was an advisor to Sepp Blatter between 1998 and 2002, during the latter’s tenure at the helm of FIFA, and in 1999 the two men signed a contract agreeing to an annual contract. A bonus of 300,000 Swiss francs (307,000 USD), paid in full by FIFA.

But in January 2011, the former French midfielder-turned-President of UEFA (2007-2015) claimed “a debt of 2 million Swiss francs”, which the prosecution described as a “forged invoice”.

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A smiling Michel Platini leaves the Swiss court that acquitted him after a trial for payment fraud, on July 8, 2022 in Bellinzona, southern Switzerland. Fabrice Cofferini AFP

The two leaders reiterated that they decided an annual salary of one million Swiss francs, with a verbal “gentleman’s agreement” and without witnesses, without FIFA’s finances allowing for the immediate payment of Platini.

The former captain of Plioson had estimated, upon leaving court on July 8, that he had “won the first game”, again referring to political-judicial manipulation aimed at removing him from power: “In this matter, there are guilty parties who have not appeared in The path of this process. We will meet again.”

Michel Platini is particularly suspected of the hidden role of Gianni Infantino, the former right-hand man in UEFA, who was elected in 2016 to the presidency of FIFA, and since 2020 the subject of a different operation of three secret meetings with the former head of the Swiss prosecution.

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