The Swiss Barcelona player refuses to understand Spanish

successful F.C.B Last Saturday, a female played against madrid football clubThey managed to win 7-0. The dominance of azulgranas in competition is overwhelming.

One of the heroes of the match was the Swiss striker Anna Kronogorsevichwho spoke to the media as soon as the match against Real Madrid ended, was not in vain because she created two goals for the Catalans.

The surprise came when the Swiss came Kronogorsevich refused to understand Spanish To a question from a journalist. At the insistence of the Barcelona striker, the reporter asked her the question in Catalan.

east Contempt for the common language of all Spaniards It lifted the spirits of the separatists who have since last Saturday had a new sign of idols.

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Sergio Fidalgo tells in his book TV3, drummer for Bruc del procés Like the “drum” sounds on TV from the Generalitat, many Catalans rally around the separatist leaders and accept all their arguments. Jordi Canas, Regina Vari, Joan Ferran, Teresa Frixes, Joan Lopez Alegre, Ferran Monegal, Julia Moreno, David Perez, Xavier Rios and Daniel Serera They present their vision of a medium that should be a public service, but it has become a propaganda tool that ignores more than half of Catalonia. In this Amazon link can be purchased the book.

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