The Stockach region: saving costs and protecting the environment: New options for carpooling in the Stockach region

Saving money and protecting the environment are the goals of a new offer funded by the municipalities of the administrative community in Stockach for all travelers. The pandella platform Now available for free in the Stockach area for everyone who needs a regular trip to work. The municipalities pay the fees.

“The potential for shared cars is enormous,” said Hohenfels Mayor Florian Zendler, who was in charge of the talks with the provider, as quoted in a press release. “With Pendla, we have found an effective solution for travelers to enable them to commute to work together – with the comfort and flexibility of a vehicle yet it is both climate-friendly and cost-effective.”

How did it all come?

When asked by SDKURIER about the planning and creation of the show, he explained that he became aware of it in the middle of 2021. He set the first date for a pendulum presentation for August. The concept and possibilities for it were presented online. “I’ve prepared this information for our management community so they can discuss the idea,” Zeindler said.

“In subsequent exchanges with fellow municipalities from our administrative district, we have found that the approach is by no means unimportant and that a joint solution can have the greatest impact.” In this way, everything was considered more closely and the open questions were clearer. After the decision of all the municipalities on Pendla, the Zindeler completed the accession procedure.

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Schiesserknob is one of Stockach's busiest places.

Average working mileage is 7600 kilometers per year

The Department of Economic Development in the city of Stockach writes in a press release that the daily commute to work is by far the most popular route for most people. On average, the working distance is more than 7,600 kilometers per year. But many are in the car alone: ​​“Free seats usually remain vacant because it is difficult to find suitable passengers. However, using shared cars saves money, protects the environment and reduces traffic,” according to the press release. Based on an average one-way trip of 20 kilometers, each stop-drive vehicle can save around two tons of CO2 emissions and €5,000 in travel costs per year.

Sandra Domogala, head of the Tourism, Culture and Marketing Office of Bodmann-Ludwigshafen (TKM), said at the latest municipal council meeting that the use of Pendla and the opportunities to use cars in times of high fuel prices make a lot of sense. With Pendla, you can get in to where you’re going by car or on the road you want to ride. Then the platform displays the corresponding matches. This is a great addition to public transportation.

Other excursions are also possible with Pendla

It’s the right offer at the right time, says Mullinger mayor Thorsten Scigliano. It was important to “find a solution to rural mobility in the Mühlingen 2030 mobility concept”. Mobility is becoming more expensive and more difficult. Er weist auch auf die Vorteile weit uber die Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Stockach hinaus hin: Pendla nütze nicht nur für den täglichen Weg zur Arbeit, sondern auch für die Fahrt zum Arzt oder duer einkaufenda s und zöm Hamburg Come. “This is enrichment for the individual and the environment, the future of children,” Scigilano says.

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Regina Schlecker, of the Economic Development Agency in the city of Stockach, says the Economic Development Agency will inform companies of the new opportunities for employees. It also emphasizes the advantages beyond the Stockach region: if someone lives here but works in Überlingen, they can also find passengers or fly through Pendla. Pendla will initially be there for a year and then it will show how good it is to use the show.

Florian Zindeler hopes that “the free offer will be accepted and that the towns, other communities or entire administrative districts around our Stockach administrative community will find a connection.”

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