The solution to the energy problem was under our feet. Someone will drill a 20 km well to prove it

For those responsible for Quaise Energy, the solution to our energy problems has been within us all this time. His intention is Drilling wells with a depth of 3 to 20 km To come up with a really promising geothermal energy source on paper.

This company’s proposal isn’t new, but they want to go further – or deeper – more than anyone else, and have just received a capital investment that will help them move their project forward. There are a lot of expectations, especially given that Geothermal energy has occupied a secret background for years Compared to other renewable energy sources.

Geothermal energy want to get its chance

The advantages, of course, are obvious. for a start, The landscape is rarely altered by these combinations: No Big Wind or Solar Farms: A geothermal plant takes up little space, a fraction of what other renewables suggest.

At Quaise Energy – a company created from research projects at MIT – they have developed a new drilling system that allows, according to them, dig deeper More than anything we’ve seen so far.

The method consists of using so-called gyrotrons, which are vacuum tubes that emit high-energy, high-frequency microwave radiation. It is possible that they can reach depth levels that can reach 20 kilometers and Reaches the layers of the earth with a temperature of up to 500 degrees Celsius.

Today’s geothermal energy production It is very poor compared to its competitors: In the United States it represents 0.4% of the total, which is the country that bets the most on this type of energy.

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Existing geothermal plants are located where the hot layers are closest to the surface – like active fault lines – but it would be great You will be able to access these layers anywhere in the worldwhich is something this company wants to facilitate.

The investments Quaise has received will allow them to develop prototypes in the coming years, and they hope so In 2028 coal-based power plants can be converted in geothermal power plants. The excavation process can take months, but once it is complete, this source of energy may become inexhaustible for the area where it is being done.

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