The shameful conversation between Carlos III and Camilla Parker that angered Elizabeth II

Netflix And the series “the crown” They once again turned the British royal family on its head, and now they recall an awkward conversation between the current king Charles III And his current wife Camilla Parker, Which angered the Queen greatly Isabel II.

With the premiere of the fifth season of the hit Netflix series depicting a life british royal family ‘The Crown’, an old conversation between King Charles III and Queen Camilla Parker, has resurfaced, since they were lovers, leaving Queen Elizabeth II furious over the ’embarrassment’ of the entire royal family and how much this has damaged the monarch’s image in the public eye. How did all this happen?

in the year 1993, One of the British media published the transcript of a conversation that took place in 1989, between Carlos III and Camilla, in which he spoke rudely about his intentions of a sexual nature towards his beloved at that time, since he was married to the deceased. Princess Diana, Princess of Wales.

King told Camilla Parker over the phone that he wanted to be “her.” Tampax to be inside of him.” Once the conversation was published, Carlos was deeply embarrassed and deeply disappointed Queen Elizabeth by his actions.

To this day, this awkward conversation will be filmed again in Season 5 of “the crown”, So the current king Charles III He wouldn’t be at least happy to know that the audience will remember that embarrassing moment.

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