The recovery of the Italian economy thanks to the regions, Minister Giorgetti: “Let’s start again from here” – video

Senegal – Starting with regions To overcome the historical moment associated with the epidemic, the effects of which are still being felt today, and with the international crisis. This was demonstrated during the national meeting of the Economic Development Commission, within the Conference of the Autonomous Regions and Territories, which was held at Seasick in Senigallia, on Monday 9 May.

An opportunity for discussion that witnessed the minister’s participation in economic development Giancarlo Giorgetti, President of the Regional Conference Massimiliano Fedriga, President of the Marche Francesco Acquaroli and economic development advisers in the various regions of Italy. The meeting in Senigallia made it possible to focus attention on some of the Italian shortcomings such as the lack of physical and digital infrastructures, but also on the necessary proximity to the corporate world that, through investments, “creates jobs and the economy”. The Honorable Giorgetti addressed them with support, which also aims to institutionalize the region’s listening in key economic agendas, give certainty to businesses and strengthen entrepreneurial networks beyond geographical boundaries. But the advocate of the Draghi government’s Northern League also appealed to Europe to be pragmatic and understand that the historical moment may not allow for strict financial compliance with the agreements signed on the occasion of the PNRR, which brought massive inflows of contributions to Italy. Still, from Europe, Giorgetti demanded a greater commitment to obtaining “common rules” that did not favor some countries at the expense of others.

The national meeting of the Economic Development Committee emanating from the Conference of Regions and Provinces, which was held at Sea Severe in Senigallia.

while the Acquaroli wallets Stressed the need to overcome certain infrastructural deficiencies, both physical and telematics, in order to place regional economic operators in the right conditions to make the most of a territory and a series of excellent productions, the symbol of the Marche region, Mayor Massimo Olivetti He wanted to talk about the implications for the region that would occur as long as requests from local businesses and institutions were heard above. until the President of the Marche Chamber of Commerce, Gino SabatiniHe stressed, “listening to the business world, who need organizational groups that can transcend industrial regions and geographic boundaries, because communication is a transversal value.”

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Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, former UAE Minister of Economy from 2008 to 2020
Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, former UAE Minister of Economy from 2008 to 2020

It is also connected remotely Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, former Minister of Economy From the United Arab Emirates from 2008 to 2020 which he already visited and collaborated with Marche during the years of the Spacca junta. His words reaffirmed friendship with their rallies, an important bridge and strategic partner for a renewed cooperation extending to Italy and Europe to increase trade and thus overcome important economic challenges shared by both parties. From energy with diversification of sources of supply to “globalization that favored the United States and China but with negative effects on others”.

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