The province has launched the MESA program, which seeks to ensure food security for children

The Governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kiselov, presented this afternoon at Thevenet Recreational, Sports and Cultural Park in Florencio Varela, the “Mesa Bonirense” program that seeks to ensure food security among the most vulnerable sectors. The meeting was attended by Ministers Juan Zabaleta and Andrés Larroque and President of the National Council for the Coordination of Social Policies Marisol Merkel.

The Extraordinary Program for Food Security (MESA) seeks to institutionalize the delivery of food distributed during the pandemic to families of students who went to dining rooms that worked in schools, and will complement the School Food Service (SAE) for more than 16,000 million pesos.

Additional funds to finance this program come from the state, from signing two agreements with the Ministry of Social Development.

“It could not have been done without the help of the national government,” he added. Highlight the ruler among the trainee in the ruling party.

He also said: “I know that there are those who do not understand it, and do not agree, that it hurts them ideologically, but the schools in the province of Buenos Aires provide not only education, but are also the center of the community. So there is accompaniment, nurturing, citizenship is created”.

He added: “Note that there is no way to deprive children who eat in schools due to the spread of the epidemic. For the first time they went to the school to look for the unit to continue their studies, but they also went to look for the food unit. The entire community has dedicated itself to caring for the neighborhood, the municipality, and families in the Province of Buenos Aires.”

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Finally, Kiselov said: “We have been subjected to massive attacks against public health, against vaccination, against education and public schools, and against the role of the state in the province of Buenos Aires. I would like to tell you that the commitment of the State of Buenos Aires to the welfare of our people is unwavering.. Whatever they say, we will continue to work for all of our people.”

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